Nana Tornado Dumps The Bible and Quran Into The Toilet Insisting they are outdated Slavery Manuals

Nana TornadoGhanaian Actor and Presenter, Nana Tornado has causes Stir on Facebook with a post he made on his Profile.

Nana Tornado Who has made it clear – he is a non-believer shared an image having dumped the Holy Bible and The Qur’an into a Toilet Stating “,That’s Where they truly Belong”.

The Actual post read:- “This is Where They Really Belong Because This Slave Manual Is outdated”

Nana Tornado
Nana Tornado

Well, I wouldn’t say is the right thing to be done if you don’t share the same belief – at least you should have some mutual respect for others who have a strong believe in these “Story Books” as most people claims.

Many Religious People Upon Seeing the Post went in hard on Nana Tornado for referring to Their precious book as “Sh*t/Trash”. – Some Insists he would have loss his head Supposing he made this Utterance in Saudi Arabia (And I was Like 😳😳😳), Others Were Pleading God For His Forgiveness – So as Most were busily Throwing jabs at him (Why Can’t They Give him tangible reasons to Take down the post rather than insulting him?) Whiles some were also in full support of His Utterances.

Although, We live in a Democratic World, People are allowed to have their own believes, freedom of speech and all that – But I think is a Big NO To Disrespect Other Man’s Belief’s. I’m really not in Support of that.

Take a look at the said post below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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