Nduom not to contest in the PPP’s presidential candidate race

Nhvk9kqturbxy81ogjjnjdknzmxoty2mte1zjy3nmrmnzm0otqxywjkni5qcgvnkpudabbnbdjnamcvas0dbwddw4khmaghmqeFounder and two-time presidential candidate of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, will not be leading the party into the December general polls.

This announcement was conveyed in a statement signed by the party’s General-Secretary, Paa Kow Ackon.

The statement, however, did not disclose why the experienced politician has decided to hand his boots from rigorous party politics but encouraged all interested individuals to pick forms and contest.

“We urge all card-bearing members in good standing to take advantage of this opportunity to test the waters, determine their competitive standing, and check the general public’s reactions to their potential candidature,” part of the statement read.

It added an expedited and virtual selection process has been adopted for the exercise ahead of the 2020 elections.

The party further indicated its determination to improve upon past performances with the hope of being represented in Parliament.

Read the full statement below:Ppp

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