Never allow a woman bribe you with money for sex – Comedian DKB tells men

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Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney who is professionally known as DKB has told men not to fall victims to the seductive use of money by some women to lure them into an unconsented sexual act.

He said men must begin to hold themselves and their values in high esteem and to not allow themselves to be deceived by a woman with the use of a monetary reward for sexual pleasure.

In a video, he shared on Twitter, the comedian used a personal experience to caution men against the sale of their sexual rights because in so doing they sell their value and eventually become sex slaves.

A girl next door said he is horny and she needed my sexual service for a fee of GHS1,000. So I replied by asking her whether she takes me for a cheap stupid dude or what.

No amount of money can buy my integrity. I told her I am not sexually corrupt and I walked out. Young men stay focused, no amount of money should buy your integrity.

Although there were some unrestricted glimpses of comical impulses behind what he was saying, the message he conveyed was profound.

Watch Video Below:

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