NEW BEEF ALERT: How Much Do You Have? Since When Did You Start Driving A Better Range Rover? I’m My Own Chairman And No One’s Small Boy, Okesse 1 Shades Medikal


Latest Ghanaian sensation Okesse1 after his unfortunate studio encounter with Andy Dosty has been one of the most talked-about artiste in the past one week.

Okesse1 whom most people know to be affiliated with AMG Business has come out to clear the air about which ‘clique’ he belongs to.

In an Instagram live video, Okesse1 mentioned that he’s not under any record label but his own label/movement known as Amotia Gang.

According to Okesse1, Andy Dosty disrespected him because he has a cute face and most people thought he is AMG Business’ small boy hence they didn’t accord the necessary respect to him.

The Yie Yie hitmaker proudly mentioned that he’s a CEO of his own and that he started making money from way back hence people should stop perceiving that he’s someone else’s small boy hence won’t accord the respect he’s due.

Let’s throwback a little to when Okesse1 and Medikal used to be closed pals to the extent where Medikal used to mention his names in his songs. Well, according to what Okesse1 said in his video, it is clear he is no longer on good terms with Medikal. Even though he didn’t mention his name, it was obvious Medikal was the one he was referring to. He even mentioned that people in the music industry know him through this person in question hence he’s the first to be called should anything arise and with this statement, we are very convinced it’s no other than Medikal.


Several people expected Medikal to speak or react in favor of Okesse1 after the incident with Andy Dosty and that never happened because their friendship had turned sour. According to Okesse1, this same guy he was referring to called Andy Dosty secretly on phone after the incident to say negative things about him.

He then furiously said he used to help this same person and that person also used him to his advantage when they were friends. He then asked, how much do you have? When did you start driving better Range Rover and Benz? Which Chairman are you? These words couldn’t have fit anyone better than Medikal since he calls himself a chairman and drives a Range Rover and Benz.

Well, we know for a fact that Medikal will surely reply to Okesse1’s video soon and we’ll definitely keep you up to date on that. For now, watch this video and tell us what you think.

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