Nikita Dragun: The American Model Who Successfully Transformed From Male To Female Through Surgeries [Before & After Photos And Videos]

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Nikita Dragun: The American Model Who Successfully Transformed From Male To Female Through Surgeries [Before & After Photos And Videos]

Nikita Dragun is one of the few persons who have successfully changed their natural gender orientation and moved, embraced and now exhibit the character and traits of their new gender.

Nikita Dragun, born a male can now be called a [she] simply because she has bought a female identity which is replicated in her body, breast, and even sex organ.

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Nikita has transformed his hard frame into that soft succulent body of an American female model. Giving meaning to why some people feel they are being trapped in different bodies and need freedom.

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Who Is Nikita Dragun?

Nikita Dragun is popularly known as ‘Mother of Draguns’ is a make-up artist, YouTuber, model, and entrepreneur.

The internet sensation has accumulated a vast army of fans with over 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 5.4 million followers on her Instagram account.

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Since becoming famous, millions of people have become curious to know more about her. 

What Is Nikita Dragun Famous For?

Nikita started her YouTube channel back in 2014, sharing makeup tips and tricks to her followers. During the first six months, she purely did makeup videos without telling a soul that she was a transgender person.


For this reason, no one knew about Nikita Dragun’s gender, and to many, Dragun was just another makeup artist content creator. Shortly after, she decided to open up about her gender transition journey on her YouTube channel.

It was during this time that Dragun’s YouTube channel started gaining momentum as she won over the hearts of many, while others simply followed her out of curiosity. 

What Is Nikita Dragun Natural Gender?

Nikita Dragun formerly Nicholas was born as a boy to her parents on January 31st, 1996. In high school, the makeup artist talks of numerous bitter encounters as her fellow students would bully her. Growing up as a young boy, Nikita was never interested in the things other boys loved.

So, is Nikita Dragun trans? The answer is yes. Back then, she would sneak into her mother’s bedroom to put on her makeup and always loved to play dress up in lady’s clothing.

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Nikita faced much turmoil trying to embrace femininity while trapped in a masculine body. Upon watching a documentary about transgender, Nikita finally understood why she was the way she was.

This was her turning point as she began saving for surgery to alter her gender as seen in the documentary. On the 28th December 2015, Nikita Dragun posted a video titled ‘I Am Transgender’ announcing her status to the world. In this video, she exposes all the difficulties and bitter experiences as a trans.

Before And After Photos & Videos Of Nikita Dragun

The transgender YouTuber has been open about her transition journey posting some of Nikita Dragun before and after surgery images. Here are more pics that confirm her total transformation.

Watch Video Of Nikita Dragun Transformation

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