NPP sending campaign messages through SMS

Nana Addo Eid

The New Patriotic Party are massively doing their campaign as the 2020 elections draw nigh.

Aside from physical on-the-ground means of campaign, the ruling party has now gone digital.

Checks on social media indicate that they have done videos preaching the good works of President Nana Addo and the need for Ghanaians to vote for him for 4 more years.

Aside from these visual means, the party has also started the use of mass SMS broadcasts to dispatch their campaign messages.

Their main focus is now MTN Ghana subscribers.

One of their messages reads:

“The NPP inherited a broken economy with collapsing financial institutions and a financial sector riddled with corruption. After JM and his NDC had messed up our country, the NPP came in and cleaned up, restored trust and paid back the people’s hard earned savings. If you can’t trust a man with your money -why would you trust him with your country? This December; vote Nana Akufo-Addo and NPP”

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