Nurse In Trouble After Naked Photos Of Hers’ Is Leaked Online By An Unknown Man

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Ladies are always advised not to share their nudes with any man; be it their boyfriends or husbands or even strangers, but it seems only a few pay heed to such priceless advice.

Photos that circulated online have left a pretty nurse who works at the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya facing endless trolls on social media with moral cops castigating.

According to her, she regrets sharing her private photos after an unknown person released them on the internet.

In one of the photos, the beautiful nurse is seen taking a selfie in bed stark unclad while flashing her nicely shaped behind and biting her fingers, whiles another video spots her posing with a man who is lying on a couch shirtless.

The health worker who calls herself Mac Kris on Facebook posted something on her wall after the nudes spread online like bushfire.

She wrote “We are so quick to judge, we are so quick to call names, we are so quick to look down on, we are so quick to throw shades even without us thinking or finding out the Genesis of everything, even without thinking of the effect of our words on the affected person.

At the end of the day we all humans, you may view yourself holy and mighty than others. Everybody has a dark past but we quick to judge others. Those calling me names, trolling me, defaming me, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone but those who know me know me. Let’s never be too quick!”

Mac Kris Post And Photos Below;

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