Nurse Mistakenly Shares Her [email protected] Video Meant For Her Guy In School Group

Screenshot 20200627 181634A nurse identified as Ellen Amoah has mistakenly sent a nude video of herself which she was to send to her boyfriend to a WhatsApp group that belonged to her school (Accra Girls Senior High School).

The video was in turn shared by others in the group to other people and it has gone viral on social media.Nurse 2

This type of case over the years has been occurring and has been causing people to lose their jobs which sometimes leads to them committing suicide in the long run.

The Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health are yet to comment on the misconduct of the young nurse like they did with the nurse who shook her backside in her uniform. She might be suspended or even lose her license as a medical practitioner

Due to our site policies, we can’t upload the video here but you can click to watch(HERE)

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