“Nyankopon Asei Hc” – Kweku Flick’s reaction after visiting London for the first time

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Kweku Flick

Kweku Flick and his other colleagues like Yaw Tog and Kofi Jamar are currently in London for a performance in the upcoming Party in the Park.

They have individual taken to social media to announce how the feeling is like since they touched down in London.

The “Money” trailblazer shared a short video of himself on the street of London with the caption

“From Kumasi Ampabame, Bohyen, Abrepo, to the UK, Nyankopcn As3ehc“

img 2654
img 2654

Party in the Park is basically an event where African artiste are brought together on one stage for one big live concert in the UK

From all indications, it’s a big win for Kweku Flick to have made it from Kumasi to the UK in just a few years after breaking through with his “Money” track.

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