Owner of popular pornographic website empressleak arrested

Ghana Police 1

The owner of the popular pornographic website, Empressleak, Anderson Ofosuhene Anim, has been arrested by the Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Anderson Ofosuhene Anim aka Morio Gee is alleged to have collected monies from victims, both children, and adults under the pretext of pulling down their nude pictures and videos from the internet.

Despite collecting the money, he allegedly splashed the videos and pictures of the victims on social media.

The accused said to have conducted his activities at Osino, in the Eastern Region, allegedly operated a porn-related website.

It is believed that Anim had invested the proceeds of crime in houses and vehicles after he had made victims pay between ¢100 and ¢500 through mobile money.

He also has accomplices who lured their victims for sex or set other up to record sexual activities or take nude pictures which were then sent to him for uploading onto the website.The prosecution said on January 30, this year, the Cybercrime Unit team proceeded to Mr Anim’s residence at Osino, where he was found uploading videos on the pornographic website.

According to prosecution, all digital devices were retrieved and efforts were underway to apprehend Mr Anim’s accomplices who took nude videos and pictures of victims and send the same to him (suspect).

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