Pardon and release the pastor and his two followers jailed for four years for flouting the ban on public gatherings – John Mahama to Akufo-Addo

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Former President Mahama is calling on President Akufo-Addo to grant clemency to the pastor and his two followers who were jailed for four years for breaching the public gathering restriction.

According to the NDC flagbearer, the four-year jail term given to Apostle Sampson Agakpe and two others is too harsh and is an act of selective justice.

“We must all abide by the law, that is true, but we should not engage in selective justice, where you apply the law heavily on church workers who flout the law.

“Yet, during primaries, people were seen flouting the law with impunity and nothing happened to them,” he said.

Mr Mahama speaking during an interaction with Christian leaders in the Northern region added that political parties cannot be treated with kids gloves when they flout the rules but the church be treated harshly when they do same.

According to him, everybody is equal before the law and what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

“We are all equal before the law. It should not be possible for political parties to flout a law and get away with it, yet when a church flouts the law, the punishment is heavy and draconian. We have our Christian colleagues, a pastor and some church workers languishing in jail. They were sentenced to jail for four years.

“That is a very draconian punishment”, Mr Mahama said

Apostle Agakpe, Founder of the Church of Pure Christ in the Volta region, was arrested, charged and jailed for four years together with his Assistant Pastor, Maxwell Dzogoedzikpe and the church secretary, Samuel Agakpe.

Mahama believes the rules were broken at the NPP’s delegates conference but no sanctions were administered to the culprits hence it is befitting of these individuals that they are freed.

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