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Pastor gets roasted on social media after saying Satan is the cause of Prophet Sylvester Ofori killing his wife

Pastor Sylvester And Wife


Pastor gets roasted on social media after saying Satan is the cause of Prophet Sylvester Ofori killing his wife


Pastor Sylvester And Wife

One Pastor Daniel Darkwah has taken to his Facebook page to write that Satan was the only reason why Pastor Sylvester Ofori shot his wife Barbara Tommey dead at her workplace.

A new video has emerged that shows that Sylvester actually threatened that he’ll kill his wife. And true to his threats, he carried out his wicked act.

Now Pastor Daniel in his Facebook post sympathized with the family of Barbara saying may they be comforted. He then went ahead to say that only God can judge what happened.

In addition, Daniel said God can create something great out of this mess so he knows Prophet Sylvester’s ministry will grow bigger in prison.

Read his full post below:

“Prophet Sylvester Ofori and beautiful wife Babra Ofori.I know how you both love each other only satan can cause such drama and hurt both of you in the process.

Prophet you are still loved by me and my wife and we will bear you in prayer in this very difficult time you are in.

We ask that God forgives you and you forgive yourself for taking the life of another not just anyone but Babra. Babra I know how much you love Sylvester you won’t even wish for revenge on this I pray your soul Rest In Peace and May all your family and affected ones be comforted.

Let’s pray for each other it could happen to anyone.i know your ministry will even be greater in prison we don’t know what God will bring out of this mess.

Daniel & debbie will love you both forever. God is the Judge here not me.”

Some Facebook users are angry at Daniel over his post.

Soon after his post, some social media users are roasting him saying Satan should be left out of this. The netizens pointed out that we can’t blame Satan for a pre-meditated murder by an abusive husband.

Satan is very innocent on this one. Read Isiah 45:7….. God says he’s responsible for evil. Stop blaming satan“, Aku Nandi wrote.


Satan is not happy with this post at all. He just confirmed to me that he has & had no hand in your murderer friend’s actions and your inactions as well. Condemn domestic violence and any form of abuses and stop the blame game. On this issue, Satan is innocent.”, Dan Rita also schooled.

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Brutano Pontiaco also wrote: I’m highly disappointed in you as a prophet the way you have negatively used bible terms to trivialise how Sylvester MURDERED Tommy.

I quote you “I know how much you love Sylvester you won’t even wish for revenge on this.” What do you mean by revenge? We want to see Sylvester jailed and serve for this wicked evil killing. You also said “God is the judge.”

Awww Prophet, we should let to judge Sylvester right, and we shouldn’t judge Sylvester, shame on you. How can you stope so low, this shows the level of your thinking and guys like you always use bible to avert JUSTICE.

Sylvester denounced God, remove the title prophet from his name, teaches the bible is white man property in this year before murdered his wife, shot her 7times.

And you as a prophet sitting there say, we love you. This shows the level of your intelligence.

I don’t even know if with this post I can say you are a true prophet. Or you wrote this post for gullible weak minded Christians to respond to forgiveness tactics. Think before write. Foolishness


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