Pastor Sylvester Ofori appears in court | Watch Video

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The US-based Ghanaian prophet, Sylvester Ofori, has appeared in court for shooting his wife Barbara Tommey dead.

A report by WESH indicates that Prophet Ofori was subdued and quiet while facing a judge.

He’s accused of murdering his wife, Barbara Tommey, as she went to work, at Navy Federal Credit Union.

Prosecutors told the judge the killing was caught on video.

“Video surveillance, which shows Mr. Ofori not only shoot his wife but then stand over her body and put additional rounds into her head,” the prosecutor said.

Ofori is pastor of the Floodgates of Heaven on Coburn Avenue in Orlando.

“He does have quite a large social media following where he speaks to his followers. Calls himself a prophet, his followers call him a prophet,” Orlando police Det. Matthew Rogers said.

After the shooting, police went to this apartment building on Raleigh Street where Ofori and Tommey had, at one point, lived together. Investigators said they brought the SWAT team and eventually found him in the home.

“We had a good feeling he was going to be in there. We don’t believe there was any risk to the public or immediate danger to the public,” Rogers said.

Police have not said what led up to the attack WESH 2 News reports that they were informed Tommey and Ofori was getting a divorce.

Court records also show that in 2016, Ofori was arrested for resisting an officer who responded to an argument between the two.

“Someone committed a heinous act of violence towards a loved one and there’s no excuse for that,” Rogers said.

Watch the video below:

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