Photo: Full suicide note of Leticia Kyere goes viral

Full suicide note of Leticia Kyere goes viral. Some Ghanaians are still in shock over the death of a 14-years-old student of Miracle Preparatory school in Sunyani Leticia Kyere Pinama who allegedly committed suicide last Monday.

Earlier reports which came out after her death stated that a suicide note has been found by her side saying there was so much pain and sorrow in her heart.

An image has surfaced on social media and according to some people, that is the full suicide note written by Leticia Kyere Pinama before she took her life. Per our understanding of the supposed letter, she expressed how sad she is in the people she called her friends and those that she expected to love her.

A portion of the note revealed that her friends only come around when she has food in abundance and that made her unhappy; a feeling that she was only loved by what she could afford to her friends.

The letter revealed that she had no one to share her problems with both at school and at home.

. As it stands now, her parents have made their view clear that the alleged suicide note believed to have been found behind her body is not true with her father allegeding that the perperators had hired a handwriting expect to write that. He has also vowed not to bury his daughter until he and the other family members are convinced over the cause of her death.

Read the full letter below: Full suicide note of Leticia Kyere goes viral

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