Photos: Taxi Driver fills up potholes using his car

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A taxi driver has been captured in viral photos showing how patriotic he is for the nation Ghana after he decided to fill up potholes on some major roads around Paa Grant roundabout in Takoradi.

From the photos, the young man who’s yet to be known, filled up his car booth with pieces of broken bricks as he moved from one pothole to another to fill them up.

The institutions responsible for filling-up these pot holes is the Dept. of Feeder roads, PWD, Urban or Rural roads etc. who all fall under the Ministry of Road & Highways.

But sadly, these holes are left to deepen every blessed day thus causing the wear and tear of vehicles which further triggers accident.

It is very sad to hear that dozens of precious lives are lost forever just because a Hon. Minister of Road & Highways refused to fill it.

This young man must be applauded for his good works.

See photos below:

Taxi Driver Fills Pot Holes1
Taxi Driver Fills Pot Holes2

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