Police Commander chased out of Yendi for disrespecting Yaa Naa

Photogrid Plus 1594582916524Yaa Naa has sacked a Police Commander from Yendi for reportedly showing gross disrespect to him on his own land.

The Divisional Police Commander of Yendi in the Northern Region according to trending news has been kicked out of town for allegedly disrespecting Yaa-Naa Abukari Mahama II.

Police Commander, Peter Ayirezang was ordered to pack all his belongings and leave town with immediate effect after having a serious issue with the Overlord of Dagbon – Yaa Naa.

Following Yaa Naa’s order, the youths of the town stormed the premises of the Police Commander and demanded that he leaves their town immediately – an order he humbly respected.

A former Presiding Member of the Yendi Municipal Assembly, Abu Zolge, while narrating the incidence, as quoted by Citinewsroom said:

“The Overlord gave a command around 5:00 pm [on Saturday] that the behaviour of the Divisional Commander looks odd and very disrespectful to the Overlord of Yendi and so he should leave Yendi before 7:00 pm,”

“So, the youth came out in their numbers and asked him to obey the order given by the Overlord of Dagbon.

“The BNI Director, the Crime Officer and the District Commander all came to the Palace to plead but the plea was refused. So around 6:30 am he [the Divisional Commander] left Yendi.”


Police Commander, Peter Ayirezang woes with Yaa-Naa started after he allegedly tried to bring back an already settled dispute between two of Yaa’s sub-chiefs.

Even though he was cautioned to drop the already settled case by the Overlord of Dagbon, he defied the orders and went ahead to order the arrest of the sub-chiefs.

That angered Yaa Naa causing him to sack the commander out of his land. Delegates who went to beg him had their pleas turned down.

Meanwhile, the Police Commander, Peter Ayirezang, confirmed his departure by saying:

“I have left Yendi because if you are with someone and he says he can’t work with you, what can you do? I am in Tamale en-route to Accra; I will go to Accra tomorrow [Monday]. I have reported to the administration and they have recalled me to be reposted.” 

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