President Akufo-Addo insists on Renaming UDS after Late Rawlings, says it will be an Honor.

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After Rawlings declined an initial Proposal to Rename the University For Development Studies (UDS) after him, President Akufo-Addo has re-Proposed the idea of Renaming the University After the late President.

The Initial proposal came in 2017 by the current government’s Ministry of Education led by Matthew Opoku Prempeh to honor the Ex Military Man’s significant role in the establishment of the Northern based University in the early ’90s. A decision Papa J declined with a social Media post saying “Thank you but don’t rename UDS after me”.

Speaking at a Graduation Ceremony in the University’s Tamale Campus on Saturday 14th November, The President insists he strongly believe the School deserves to be rename after Rawlings despite his earlier rejection of the Idea in 2017.

“The immense amount of work undertaken by President Rawlings and his government resulted in the establishment of this university. Not withstanding these sentiments, and with all due respect to him, it is my strong belief, which I am sure has the backing of the majority of Ghanaians that such an honour be accorded him” The president added.

In your opinion, how would you like the University to be called incase it is renamed after Rawlings. 

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