President Buhari refers to the protesters as ‘So called protesters’ in his address to the nation

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It’s been two weeks of protesting in Nigeria for the Special Anti-Robbery squad to be disband in the country.

The protest erupted after a video circulating on social media showed a SARS Officer allegedly shooting a man in Delta state before driving off.

The SARS Team has always been in the news for the wrong reasons due to their violent acts being it Police brutality or kidnapping and Nigerians feel it is time to act now and stop the Claim inhuman Act of the SARS by protesting.

The protest however turns more violent as the police and the protesters Clash at the protest scenes and a lot of people are killed during the process.

Today, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria has addressed the nation about the ongoing #EndSars protest in his country without talking about the shooting that took place at Lekki Toll gate where many lives were lost.

According to the live video of DJ Switch, the Nigerian Army were seen shooting at the peaceful protesters but the president did not talk about it.

He the refers to the protesters as “so called protesters ” in his speech, a statement that did not go well with many Nigerians.

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The president however, promised to increase the salaries of police and teachers as demanded by the protesters and also promised to eradicate poverty.

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He asked Nigerians to go out there and continue living their normal lives.

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