Princess Shyngle Blows GHC39,576.00 On A Single Chanel Handbag

It is a normal trait for people of fame to spend huge sums of money, just to live a life that can match up to their name on Social media. These celebrities go lengths to appear luxurious in the eyes of onlookers, even when they can’t afford to.

Well, Ghana based Gambian actress and socialite Princess Shyngle, has proved to her fans and followers that, she has absolutely no problem spending lots of cash to rock products from high brands.

In a post on her Instagram story, she disclosed that, she usually has the habit of practicing retail therapy, where she randomly buys stuff just to make her feel more cheerful.

She then showcased lots of dollars, as she casually visited the website of popular luxury brand Chanel, and ordered a handbag that costs $6,800..which approximates to 39,576 Ghana Cedis.

Whew! This doesn’t really come as a surprise, as Shyngle recently got married to her billionaire husband Gibou Bala Gaye. This shopping spree will probably only create a tiny dent in their cash fountain.

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