Prophet Nigel Gaisie lists all prophecies given to him by God for 2021; Ghana is doomed

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has listed all the prophecies given to him by God for the year 2021.

The Man of God as well as leader and founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel listed Ghana and other countries as part of his prophecies.

In his on words:

“The Lord appeared to me and the Lord gave me three mandates. Raise people on fire, declare his second coming and restore people through his calling.

My name is Prophet Nigel, the Lord appeared to me throughout the year and asked me to write certain things which I heard and asked. And I asked the Lord that what are these and the Lord said these are what is about to happen in the year 2021.

Prophecy for the year 2021. Prophecy is an inspiration for his servant. If the content of the prophecy is negative, it can be negotiated and averted. If the prophecy is positive, you can enforce it and bring it to reality.”

Nigel Gaisie continued:

“Now prophecy for the year 2021; 

1. the world will enjoy peace, but I saw a touririst attack on America. 

2. I saw darkness around the Asante kingdom. 

3. Let’s pray for Tepa traditional area and his king. 

4. Let’s pray for Philippine for the worst Tsunami ever. 

5. Let’s pray for America and Paris against unnatural disaster.

The Lord appeared to me and took my spirit to Northern America especially Morocco. I saw a gathering like a stadium and there was something like a disaster or earthquake, let’s pray for Morocco. 

6. The Lord said the Ghanaian security should be tightened, spiritually I saw an attack on Ghana’s security, but it is preventable.

7. A famous Man of God die. 

8. There would be floods that will take human lives, properties in Upper West, upper East, Asanti Region and Greater Accra. 

9. The Nigerian Vice president I saw him becoming a president. 

10. Let’s pray for GJA, let GJA sit up, I saw a fatal attack on one of their members.

11. I saw a popular artiste, a popular artiste say bye bye to us. I saw a well known Gospel artiste, let’s pray for Yaw Sarpong, let’s pray for Grace Omaboe, I saw a young artiste say bye bye to Ghana. 

12. I saw a creeping creature coming out of the sea of Ghana and Nigeria with its little babies crying and ganishing their teeth. I saw on the forehead of the creatures hard times, I look further and saw basic commodities on scarcity on the national front.”

Should we take these prophecies serious? Or he was just playing mind games?

Watch the video below:

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