Prostitutes “beat” Evangelist to coma for preaching in their premises

Prostitute Beat Pastor

Some identified night workers have reportedly beaten an evangelist to coma after coming to their brothel to preach about salvation to them.

According to an eyewitness account of the public show of shame, Theresa Okwudili, trouble started for the 36-year-old man of God when he stood at a close range to Golden hotel, Ejigbo, and began preaching to the women of easy virtues and their male clients to forsake their sinful ways and turn to God for deliverance and salvation.

Evangelist Mathew of a well-liked church in Ejigbo, Lagos, decided to hold out the good Biblical injuction that says: “Therefore, go and preach to all or any nations, baptizing them within the name of the daddy and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, and teaching them to obey everything I even have commanded you”, little did he know that some aggrieved unrepentant sinners could go the additional mile of beating him silly sort of a common criminal.

Nigerian Defender reported that the evangelist has been warned several times by the prostitutes to keep off their premises when he is preaching.

He was actually pummeled to the extent that he went unconscious due to the severe beating.

“As he was still trying to comprehend what was going on, another prostitute menacingly advanced towards him and started pushing him away. He was almost pushed to the gutter if not for the timely intervention of passers-by”, Okwudili narrated.

Providing more insights into the genesis of the brawl, Uchenna Kingsley, whose residence was adjacent to the brothel stated thus: “That was not the first day he was preaching at that place. But he didn’t use to get so close to the brothel premises as he did on this occasion. To me, I believe he overstepped his boundary because he knew the place was an unholy zone; he should have treaded more carefully”.

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