Reggie Rockstone and his wife engage in an hot argument after she found nude photos of another lady on his phone.

Reggie Rockstone And Wife 1024x574Musician Reggie Rockstone and his wife Zilla Limann has engaged in a hot argument this morning after she found nude photos of a certain lady on his phone.

Zilla said she saw the nude photos 3 days ago but pretended as if she didn’t see them so that she can see if whether Reggie would delete them or not.

3 days after, she secretly peeped through the phone again and the photos were still there so she decided to confront her husband.

While on their normal ‘Wakye errands’ this morning, Mrs. Rockstone asked her husband what those photos were doing on his phone.

Reggie who was taken by surprise defended himself that the photos were sent to him by a wannabe model who wanted to feature in his music video.

His wife then said she doesn’t have any problem with that because those messages keep coming his way but why didn’t he delete it?

In reply, Reggie said it’s because he forgot. Zilla Limann also argued that it isn’t because he forgot but rather he was enjoying the viewing pleasure of the lady’s nude photos.

Reggie tried to defend himself again but after realizing that his wife won’t give up, he brought the phone, deleted the photos, and said he please wants the argument to end.

Watch their argument below:

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