Relationship and Marriage expert outlines the 10 mistakes women make in marriage

Ghanaian marriage and relationship expert, Counsellor Francis Pinwilliams has outlined the 10 mistakes women make in marriage.

Marriage as a union comes with its own package; the ups and downs, the joy and the nitty-gritty which many seems to embrace to the very end of time, whiles many also withdraws from the union along the way.

There have been many situations where marriage crushes at the little wave it encounters but most importantly it pays to hold on and fight for the good of each other.

There are many reasons to choose wisely and carefully when picking a spouse and this goes a long way to affect your marriage life.

In Counsellor Francis’ write-up, he made mention of the fact that women seem to blame everyone for the struggles in their marriage but themselves and provided solutions to the problems he outlined.

Read his writeup in the screenshots below;

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