Replacing Ebony at Rufftown Records wasn’t a big burden – Wendy Shay

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Wendy Shay says it wasn’t a big burden for her to replace the late Ebony Reigns at Rufftown Records.

In a recent interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central, Wendy Shay noted that is wasn’t burdensome replacing the late Ebony Reigns.

Wendy Shay who was introduced to the music scene in the year 2018:

“I was not under any burden when I replaced Ebony at Rufftown Records. But I’m a perfectionist so I also put pressure on myself to do my utmost best.

“Definitely replacing Ebony with what she has done wasn’t easy but I knew my God-given gift will certainly manifest but with time.”

She added that since day one, she kept on believing that a day will come that Ghanaians will acknowledge her hard work.

“So I knew that times is one of the weapon I will use. I knew that a time will come for Ghanaians to acknowledge my hard work and perseverance.

“So replacing Ebony at Rufftown Records wasn’t a burden but I challenged myself to make sure that I will fulfill what God has destined for greatness in my life.”

Bullet recently paid some mega respect to Ebony. He said the queen who paved the way for most female artists is irreplaceable.

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