Return students to their homes, and postpone the final exams like Nigeria has done – NDC COVID-19 team

Photogrid Plus 1594694403413The NDC COVID-19 team has proposed that all schools be shutdown and final exams cancelled just like the Nigerians has done.

The NDC COVID-19 team wants the government to shut down all school. They are calling on the government to imitate the Nigerian government and allow the final year students to go home.

In a statement issued, they also advised the government to mass test students.

They said:

“The lives of Ghanaian students, teachers and non-teaching staff should be valued equally and the government must take immediate steps to reverse its decision and to begin the process of returning students to their homes. This will necessarily include mass testing of students to ascertain their COVID-19 status before they are released to their parents to minimize the risk of exporting cases from campuses to communities.”

“Kenya and Nigeria -acknowledge the public health risks-have already reversed similar decisions. Ghana should follow suit; extensive community spread, the failure to screen staff and students, and the mixing of students from various communities suggest the risk of infections in Senior High Schools is substantial. It is also recommended-as has been done in Nigeria -that the final exams be postponed until such a time as our public health system is resourced and responsive enough to provide a safe environment for the students”.

“Barring that, it will be necessary to explore digital solutions for the completion of the exams, bearing in mind and proactively accounting for the unequal access to internet services”, portions of the statement added.

Some SHSs have already started recording massive COVID-19 cases.

Read the full statement below:

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