Revealed: 7 reasons women do not like you; what you need to do to be more attractive

While many will say you need to be who you are and the lady who likes you will definitely come your way, others will also say the way you package yourself really matters.

Getting and attracting the right woman as a man goes beyond who you are and why you might believe you don’t need to make changes to your life.

Well, that should be the reason women do not really like you although you may think you have what it takes to attract any woman you like.

Man, these 7 reasons, if you humbly accept them and make the necessary changes to your life, you will not only be able to attract the right woman but you will also just be the perfect gentleman everybody will like to be with.

These are the 7 reasons women do not like you

1, You Are Too Loud: Are you the guy who wants everybody to listen to you? Are you the loudest in the room and always calls the shots? Well, that is certainly a big turnoff for most women who will prefer a calm gentleman to a loud dude.

2, You Lead An Uninspiring Life: Well, your life sucks! That is just what it means. You don’t seem to get your life figured out. Zero ambition, zero drive and zero chance of getting that woman to like you.

3, Slow Down On Complimenting Her Body: Are you that guy who always says “hey babe, you look sexy?” Well, a lot of ladies do not want their bodies to be the centre of any conversation. She knows, she is well-endowed, she does not need your validation. Drop it.

4, You Are Too Arrogant: You are not ready to accept and consider the views of others. You appear to be the “Mr Know It All”. That is a big turn off for women. While confidence is admirable, women would rather settle down with someone who listens and considers their opinion.

5, Your Appearance Is Not On Point: This point can not be overstressed. Who you are is definitely who you attract but as you strive to look great pay extra attention to your attitude. Your attitude complements your appearance and makes you more attractive.

6, You Talk Too Much: Just shut the f*ck up, man. Many women like men who are slow to speak but quick to listen. Do not be too full of yourself and stop talking about yourself. It’s a complete turnoff.

7, You’re Too Clingy: Let her have a breathing space. She does not want you always in her space. Stop bombarding her with so many texts…she’s got a life to live.

These are points made by Broadcaster Jessica Opare-Saforo in a Youtube video she shared on her channel and nicely sourced and written by

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