Rick Ross exposed for wearing fake Louis Vuitton from head to toe

Rick Ross 54

Rick Ross is being accused of wearing fake Louis Vuitton.

Someone said you’d be surprised to know how many celebrities flex in knockoffs. It looks like the latest artist to be accused of designer fraud is Rick Ross, who fans called out for wearing and carrying knockoff Louis Vuitton. The rapper was stunting on the ‘gram, fake Louis drippin’ from head to toe as he boarded a private jet. Rick Ross donned Louis shorts, bucket hat, shoes, as well as a backpack and carry-on – or so we thought.

It didn’t take long for eagle-eyed fans to point out that the rapper was not wearing genuine LV. One user simply asked, “Why wear all fake everything though?” Another took it a bit further to explain the findings that led to that conclusion writing, “Louis bags don’t come with blue protective wraps on the metal tabs… both back pack and carry on are fake.” Even while the comment section under the post is inundated with appraisals denouncing the authenticity of the designer brand, Rick Ross shows no intention of removing the photo he shared with his 11 and a half million Instagram followers.

What’s interesting is that this isn’t the first time Rick Ross has been accused of rocking some faux Louis Vuitton. Back in May 2009, the designer called out the rapper for wearing counterfeit LV sunglasses on the cover of XXL Magazine. The owner of the L.A. store where the rapper copped the shades claimed that they were only customized but still genuine Louis Vuitton Millionaires sunglasses but the attorney for the brand wrote a letter denying its authenticity and any association to Rick Ross.

While his past offense may be arguable, there is no mistaking the knockoffs that are currently being showcased on the rapper’s Instagram page now. What do you think about Rick Ross flexing some fraudulent Louis Vuitton?

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