Robber whose manhood was bitten by a lady is out of hospital with manhood outside

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The armed robber whose manhood was bitten off by a 24 year old lady she requested a BJ from during a robbery attack is out of the hospital.

His manhood is outside with plaster around it.

See the photo below…

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The lady on what really happened she said: “Around 2:30 AM, I was sleeping and I heard someone hitting my window and the person finally broke into the room, I saw him holding a cutlass. So when I woke up and asked him what he was coming here to do, he responded that he was coming to steal. Before I knew, he reached for my panties and removed them after which he slept with me.

So he took my phone and money. So I pleaded with him to send the things away but he shouldn’t kill me. And he said before he’ll leave, he must go another round again. So he removed his manhood and asked me to lick it. Once the manhood reached my mouth, I bit it very hard and out of pain, he also bit my back.

My vaginal area has been paining me since and we were brought to the hospital.”

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