Sarkodie donates $10K to support the surgery of 13-year-old brain tumour patient

Without making so much noise about it, rapper Sarkodie has kindly donated an amount of $10K to support the surgery of a brain tumour patient.

Michael Kofi Asiamah is a 13-year-old child who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and needed an amount of $30K for treatment.

A GoFundMe account was created for him where individuals shared it on social media to solicit funds, Sarkodie upon seeing it was moved and shared the link on his Twitter timeline.

That was not the end of it all, our independent checks reveal that the rapper who has been tagged by many as stingy did not hesitate to donate a whopping $10K which represents over 30 per cent of the entire money needed for the surgery.

This kind gesture by Sarkodie encouraged others to give which has resulted in Michael Kofi Asiamah raising more than 31k dollars.

When you look at the screenshot below, the top donation is 10K dollars and that was the amount Sarkodie donated towards the surgery of the young chap.

This is what was written about Michael Kofi Asiamah’s condition

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour sitting in the middle of my brain. Doctors told my mother I would need two surgeries urgently. Due to high pressure in my head(intracranial pressure) causing damage to my brain, an emergency surgery was done within 24 hours of my diagnosis and a tube was placed to drain the fluid from my brain and stop the headaches.

The second surgery to remove the tumor is scheduled for Tuesday, 6th April, 2021. Due to the placement of the tumor, doctors are unsure they will be able to surgically remove all of it without fatal injuries.

The part of the brain affected controls my breathing and other critical body functions. The plan is to undergo radiotherapy in the weeks and months following surgery to shrink the rest of the tumor that can’t be removed.

You can still donate by clicking on this LINK

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