See This Lady Showing Her ‘T0nga’ to Drivers To Get a Free Ride At The Bus Stop(+Video)

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A Desperate lady who needs a ride home spotted opening up her sk!rt to attract drivers.

From the video, the lady was seen wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a black skirt with buttons in the video below was seen unbuttoning the buttons on her skirt and opening it to drivers driving past the bus stop so that they can pick her up.

According to the video, the moment she notices a car driving toward her direction, she quickly open up her skirt and flashes her panties to attract drivers to stop and pick her up.

Although, it is unclear the location this happened, as seen in the video, the lady appeared to be stranded at the bus stop.

It is quite a ridiculous way to get help from drivers to help her to her destination if she was stranded at the bus stop. Opening up her skirt was rather an indiscipline move.

Watch the video below;

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