Shocking! Sakawa boy caught sleeping with a mad woman in classroom (Video)

A man identified as Abubakar has been caught red-handed sleeping with a madwoman in a classroom in Kumasi.

According to eye-witnesses, Abubakar brought some food to the madwoman who resides around the school. The food was in the form of a token to soften the mentally deranged woman down.

When he was questioned about why he bought food for the woman, he said she told him that she was hungry and out of care, he decided to buy her food.

But later in the evening, the man who appears to be in his mid-30s came back to do ‘the operation’. And just after finishing a few rounds and about to start another one, members of the community who has been observing his moves bumped on him and he was caught right in the action.

”He came around earlier and upon being asked what his motive was, he said he came to drop some food for the madwoman because she seemed famished. We later caught him having sex with her after returning from our rounds elsewhere”, an eye witness said.

Swipe left to watch the video below:

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