Some Nigerians are using Ghanaian passport because UAE don’t issue visa to Nigerians again

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Fresh reports reaching Us Indicates that, UAE does not issue VISA to Nigerians again and their reasons are still not known yet.

According to Ghanaian citizen working in a company called Rak ceramic, one of the biggest companies in the world with over 15000 workers, his fellow Ghanaians have received their 2years visas to work but the Nigerians are told, the UAE don’t issue visa to Nigerians again.

“First week of this month the company am in employed alot of people both Ghanaians and Nigerians . So the company applied for the 2years visa for them .. and Ghanaians visa are out.. .but they said ..UAE don’t issue visa to Nigerians again ..that the news I want to give you” – he told us.

Below is a confirmation of message sent to a Nigerian seeking for a Visa to work in Dubai.

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