“Stop Doing Old Type of Dancehall”~Shatta wale Jabs Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy Beef Shatta Wale 1

Shatta wale has jabbed Stonebwoy saying his is not Current with the Dancehall Genre following Asaase sound clash

Shatta wale says his rival is doing old type of Dancehall and that he needs to learn the current trend from J Derobie

He also noted that Stonebwoy’s type of song culminated to his defeat in the Sound clash

The Shatta movement boss took to Snapchat and wrote :

“Ur Dancehall artist isn’t current ,he is doing old time Muisc ,my Dancehall has shifted from where you are ,Pls ask J Derobie to teach you the current style,so sad he lost car and the clash ”

Are we going to see a new beef from the two leading Dancehall artists ?

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Source: Pedawan.com

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