Stormzy wouldn’t have been know in Ghana If Not My ‘Sore’ Collabo With Him – Yaw Tog

Stormzy wouldn't have been know in Ghana If Not For My ‘Sore’ Collabo With Him – Yaw Tog

Yaw Tog has made a very controversial statement in a recent interview on TV3’s New Day programme.

He was asked how he was able to get 1 million views with his ‘Sore’ remix within three days. In response, Yaw Tog indicated that he already knew that would happen considering the effort he put in.

He was also quizzed on whether he had been hyped by Stormzy or not. To this, Yaw Tog said he was very privileged to have Stormzy on his song as that helped to increase his popularity.

He, however, also indicated that his collaboration with Stormzy did not only help him but also went a long way to increase the popularity of Stormzy in Ghana.

The truth is, Yaw Tog is just poor in reference to anything music, however, accidental fame located him after dropping “Sore”.

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