Students hit with suspected food poisoning after eating Government’s 1 Hot meal per student in Ho

Food Poisoning

Unconfirmed rumours gathered by Celebrities Buzz is indicating that about 16 final year JHS students in the Volta Regional capital, Ho has been hit by a suspected food poisoning.

This came about after the said students consumed food cooked under the 1 Hot meal per student agenda implemented by the Government.

In photos shared by one Mathias Alagbo Kabila on Facebook, one can see some affected student of Holy spirit school admitted at the hospital.

Mathias sharing the details wrote:

Students fed with contaminated food.

1 Hot Meal per student programme hit by suspected case of food poisoning in Ho after the students were fed with the contaminated food in school.

About 16 students are currently receiving attention medical attention at the Ho municipal hospital out of which some have been admitted at emergency unit. The school uniform appears to be that of the Holy Spirit basic school.

The accompanying pictures were as a result of frantic efforts of our sharp lenses amist tight security for the obvious reasons.

Stay tuned for more….

Food Poisoning

Government’s initiative to provide final year Junior High School (JHS) students, teachers and staff with one hot meal a day started on Monday.

Some students have expressed gratitude to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for fulfilling his promise.

The initiative, expected to last for the next 20 days, will benefit about 584,000 pupils and 146,000 teachers in about 17,440 private and public JHS schools across the country.

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