Tacha Bags Multi-Million Naira Deal with OPPO Mobile Nigeria

Yx5k9kpturbxy9mmjuzmjizzthlntvjnwqyyjk2y2ninjmyzmmwnzg3ny5wbmeslqlnaxqawsovagdnavjcw4ghmaeOPPO Mobile Nigeria signs multi-million Naira partnership deal with Tacha.

Nengi Akinola, Marketing Manager, OPPO Nigeria explained that the decision to partner with the Reality Star and Serial Entrepreneur was based on the interesting persona she possesses and her charming aura which makes her a perfect fit for the youthful brand essence of OPPO.W Ak9kpturbxy8zota2y2y4nzjjmju4ywm2mjjhntmyotc1zgu1mwnmni5wbmeslqlnaxqawsovagdnavjcw4ghmae

Tacha’s story is one many young Nigerians can connect with, she has shown ambition and a fighting spirit even in the face of adversity. For OPPO, this connects perfectly with the genuine desire to rise to the top of the Nigerian Smartphone industry in a very short time. We are sure that the partnership with Tacha is a positive step in the right direction.5kxk9kpturbxy8zotvjmmy3yze1zdeynjjmzgnmzwvlnzllzdzmymi1nc5wbmerkwxnaxtnabybotab

OPPO Mobile only launched in Nigeria in April 2019 and has quickly become a force to reckon in the Smartphone industry. It has been impressive to see how OPPO Mobile has shown dynamism by having a different approach to the Nigerian market without losing the essence of the true Nigerian culture.Hxwk9kpturbxy8wodyzztlmm2i0mgu2zwu4zjvhyjzhzdzknwflnjhhni5wbmeslqlnaxqawsovagdnavjcw4ghmae

Will the Tacha partnership be a good move for OPPO in its continuous rise to the top in Nigeria? Only time will tell.

For more information, please contact the OPPO Nigeria PR Manager: [email protected]

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