“Take Well Calculated Risk Before Quitting Your Job If You Want To Start Your Own Business” Patrick Mensah Nartey

Ghanaian business man, Patrick Mensah Nartey who’s the owner of PMN_group Of Company Ltd has advised young entrepreneurs not to rush in quitting their jobs just to set up their own businesses.

In a Facebook post, he narrated that a lady he personally know was doing well in the banking sector but hastily left to set up a business of her own.

But because she didn’t calcuate things well, her business although a nice idea collapsed in less than a year and after 3 years now, she’s not able to secure another job.

In his words, Mr Mensah wrote:

“I Have This Close Female Friend Who Did Her Service With A Bank (Name Withheld) And As A Result Of Her Hard Work She Was Retained On Contract And Within 5 Month On She Was Permanently Employed.

Within A Year She Was Promoted Twice. She Got Herself A Car And Rent A Nice Apartment Around Legon. I Was Happy For Her Because I Know Where She’s Coming From.

Don’t Know What Happened She Said She Wants To Quit Her Job’ Her Branch Manager Wasn’t Happy With Her Decision, Head Office Declined Her Resignation Letter Twice But She Insist. I Personally Got Angry And Even Stop Talking To Her For Sometime For Her Decision.

She Decided To Do “Online Food Service” Without Doing Any Survey Or Research To Know How This Business Works. Unfortunately Her Business Couldn’t Survive And 3yrs Now She’s Jobless Relaying On Her Family.

NOTE: Take Well Calculated Risk Before Quitting Your Job. Entrepreneurship Is Hard.”

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