Tanzanian Female MPs demand an apology for a colleague who was thrown out of parliament for wearing trousers.

Female MPs in Tanzania are demanding an apology for Condester Sichwale, the MP who was thrown out of parliament for wearing trousers.

MP Condester Sichwale had arrived in parliament in a yellow peplum blouse and black trousers which were not even tight but her male colleagues faulted her for her sense of fashion.

The male MP, Hussein Amar who led the ‘revolt’ against Condester, said the way some female MPs have been dressing lately makes them the object of ridicule.

“Mr. Speaker, an example there is my sister seated on my right with a yellow shirt. Look at the trousers she has worn, Mr. Speaker!” Hussein Amar said in parliament on Tuesday, June 1.

The Speaker consequently bowed to the pressure and ordered the Condester Sichwale, to leave and change to appropriate clothes before

Sichwale later returned wearing a skirt. Hours after the incident, the Tanzanian government released a dress code guideline for public servants and it turned out Sichwale’s outfit was included in what is considered an acceptable dress code

For this reason, a group led by MPs Jacqueline Ngonyani and Stella Manyanya insist that the move was unfair and that there was nothing wrong with Ms. Sichwale’s clothes.

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