The church will not pay taxes because the government never supports us – Bishop Agyin Asare

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

Founder and Leader of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare has said that the church will not pay taxes because the Government never supports it in any way.

He said this in reaction to various reports in the media that churches must be taxed by the Government.

During a sermon in front of his church just recently, Agyin Asare said this call for churches paying taxes as well threats of closure are baseless.

Agyin-Asare who has for some time now decided to speak on political issues said the church has rather created a lot of employment opportunities even more than some major businesses in the country yet they don’t appreciate churches in any way for their good works.

”Since the inception of our fourth republican constitution, no party, be it the NPP or NDC, has included the church in their plans. What the church keeps receiving over the years from political figures in the media are threats of closure and taxation. If governments would not help the church, they should not be eyeing what she gets from tithes and offerings”, he said.

Bishop Agyin-Asase again sighted examples such as churches building schools, issuing scholarships, building hospitals among others as been some of the wonderful things that churches are doing so instead of trying to pull churches down or even charge them to pay taxes, they should rather be supported.

He also mentioned that in the UK for instance, the government gives back the church 25% of the contribution of its members in tax as gift aid.

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