The GHC54Million spent by Gov’t on food for vulnerable during COVID-19 lockdown is small if you look at it Mathematically – Model, Portia Gana

Photogrid Plus 1595617389326Ghanaian model, Portia Gana, doesn’t understand why Ghanaians are crying over Government’s announcement that they spent GH¢54.3 million on food for the vulnerable during Coronavirus lockdown.

Portia Gana supported her opinion with a mathematical calculation that shows that the Government didn’t even spend much as they should have.

Read Portia’s argument below:

“So today Ghanaians are going crazy over the fact that the government announced they spent 54,000,000ghc on meals for the vulnerable population during the three week lockdown.

*People really don’t know how to read or comprehend simple things. If it’s 3 meals/day then 4% if it’s 2 meals/day then 7%, if it’s 1 meal/day then 14% of the population of those two cities. All nothing to be overly bragging about.*

Here’s a little simple math for you guys.
3 meals/day x 3 weeks = 63 meals/ person
Say each meal is 5ghc = 315ghc/person/3 weeks
54,000,000ghc/315ghc= 171,428 people
Accra and Kumasi have a population of over 3,500,000 people.
So this means with the minimum of 5ghc a meal using 54 million only 4.8% of the population of Accra and Kumasi can be fed. And we all know the vulnerable make up a much higher percentage than that.

If it was two meals a day then it’s 7% of the population of those two cities. Still too small. If anything you should be saying how they didn’t spend enough to feed enough.

Y’all just love to look at things and not think critically at all. Simple math guys. Wrote the wrong number spent, fixed it.”Model Portia Gana

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