The GHC80,000 I charge for features is just coins to me so I use it to buy bags for Tracy – Sarkodie

Sarkodie 2

Rap music since ‘Adam and Eve’ has this element of bragging in it. When rapping, MCs use braggadocio to boast—to speak about themselves with great pride.

This attribute of bragging has been part and parcel of Sarkodie since 2005 when he became known on the Ghanaian music scene.

Well, in a new freestyle the rapper has bragged to make some points to his critics.

He stated that when his fellow musicians want a verse from him on their songs, there’s no need to ‘talk plenty’ they should just send money, and he’ll give them the verse ASAP.

Sarkodie further went on to say that he charges between GHC75,000 to GHC80,000 for a verse but even these amounts are not his ‘main income’ so he uses them to buy bags for his wife, Tracy Sarkcess.

If you need verse, n*** don’t keep long on the phone, just pay me. 75k,80k is what I charge and you’ll get a crazy verse. See, that money is not even main income so I use it to buy bags for Tracy”, he rapped in Twi.

Listen to the freestyle below:

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