The number of times you need to have s£x to make a baby

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Averagely, it takes couples 78 sex meetings before a clear sign of pregnancy is seen.

Making a baby is a serious business. While some couples seem to get pregnant on the first attempt, others can spend what feels like forever trying.

But there’s an actual number of times it takes a couple to get pregnant. Those 78 times are spread over 158 days, or about 6 months, according to a new survey., a parenting site, surveyed 1,194 parents and found that most couples have sex 13 times per month when trying to conceive. Although this may sound like 13 times the fun, there are certain anxieties that come with trying to become parents. 18 per cent of men and women said that sex while trying to conceive sometimes felt like a chore. Another 43 per cent felt pressure to conceive and fear that they wouldn’t be able to.

“While trying to conceive can be fun, it is also hard work, stressful, and not every couple is lucky enough to get conceive, so while you’re focused on the baby, try to remember about each other too,” Siobhan Freegard, founder of said.

Fun-Fact About Sex Positions That Are Great For Pregnancy found that the most popular position is missionary (used by three-quarters of couples) followed by doggy style (used by 36 per cent of couples). Other couples think pregnancy happens based on a woman’s cycle, with half of the women trying to time sex to fertile days, and 39 per cent improving their diet and taking extra vitamins.

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