The Real Reason for Moesha’s Repentance Has Been Revealed, and It’s Terrifying.

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Moesha Boduong in the last few days sort of surprised everyone who follows her with her sudden change.

The heavily endowed actress from nowhere pulled down most of her images on Instagram in the midst of talks around she giving her life to God.

She even went to church to cry to the Lord and even give testimony.

People have since been asking what could possibly have happened for a known “Slay Queen” to suddenly change from her ways to embrace Christ.

Well, the gossip around Moesha’s repentance has it that, Death was hovering around her.

Adu Safowaah has taken to her Instagram page to reveal that Moesha dated some unknown rich man who in return exchanged her soul with death.

It is a result of that the socialite has run to God to have herself saved.

But even before this revelation by Adu Safowaah an earlier video of Moesha looking unkept and speaking to some individuals about how they should change their lives went viral.

In the video, she said people especially young women should be careful because many of the men they gets in touch with ends up exchanging their favour after sleeping with them.

She said quite a number of thought provoking stuff in the video uploaded below.

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