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This is what happens after first sex



Sex as we take for granted binds a spiritual flee in humans. Inserting the penis into the vagina means both spouses have agreed to live forever.

Youth of today go contrary to that. In dating or courtship, cheating has no negative implications but rather avoid you from been faithful to your sex partner when married.

The negative aspect of marriage is that, since sex satisfaction has a spiritual realm to play, cheating on either your wife or husband results in you loosing a lot. Collapse of work is the key to factor,

Anyone who cheats has no respect in society, your marriage can collapse since you cannot manage one egg but rather trying to manage many.

For instance, you want to set up a radio station, preparations are not complete, not enough funds but at the same time, you want to open A T.V station and Media School. No magic, it cannot be possible since your first target is not completed.

To add up, awaiting in choosing a sex partner pays no crime. A faithful life results in a prosperous journey.

Marry before sex…


Bohyɛba Nana Yaw called by the name Boateng Philip is a graduated journalist from the Multimedia Institute of Ghana placing speed above accuracy in all forms of publications. Hitting target, we need you to share on all e-platforms to get everyone updated. He can be reached on Whatsapp: 0547484461 Facebook: Gye Nyame Sastro Contact: 0593716121/0593716187

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