This Social Studies questions are likely to drop B.E.C.E- 2020

The following questions are ready questions likely to drop in this year’s B.E.C.E

Source:Sir Philip


1.(a) State five factors that destroys our environment.

(b) Outline five ways of controlling environmental degradation.

(c) Explain five effects of environmental degradation on climate.

(d) State five activities that destroy the land.

2.(a) Explain the following terms;
i. Acne
ii. Wet dream

(b) State five effects of irresponsible adolescent behaviour.

(c) Highlight five causes of irresponsible adolescent behaviour.

(d) Explain four advantages of living a chaste life.

(e) In what five ways can one live a chaste life?

3.(a) What is cosmopolitan?

(b) State five reasons why the major ethnic groups migrated.

(c) State the negative effects of ethnicity.

(d) In what five ways can one maintain unity in the country.

4.(a) State five each the positive and negative effect of colonization.

(b) State three main ways by which the British colonized Ghana.

(c) Describe five ways on how colonization retards development in Ghana.

5.(a) State five developmental events of Sir Gordon Guggisburg.

(b) State four causes and effects each of the Bond of 1844.

(c) State four causes and effects each of the 1948 riot.

(c) Why was the Watson Commission set up?

(d) State three recommendations of the Watson Commission.

(e) State two each of
i. Political principles
ii. Economic principles
iii. Social principles

(f) State how to build each of the principles stated.

(g) State four reasons why the Poll Tax Ordinance failed.

(h) State three reasons why the Poll Tax Ordinance failed.

(i) State four effects of the Poll Tax Ordinance.

6.(a) State four functions of FIDA.

(b) Identify four ways by which citizenship may be acquired.

(c) State five responsibilities of the Ghanaian as enshrined in the constitution.

(d) Name the types of right.

(e) List five basic right of every Ghanaian.

(f) State four works of CHRAJ.

(g) List five functions of DOVVSU.

7.(a) Outline five reasons why a good layout is necessary(Importance of a good layout)

(b) Describe how layouts for settlements are made.

(c) Analyze the implications for taking corrective action against badly laid out settlement.

(d) Explain the following terms:
i. Earthquake
ii. Earth tremor
iii. Slum

(e) State five features of slum.

(f) State five effects of flooding.

8.(a) Mention five natural resources of the country.

(b) State five importance of timber.

(c) State five importance of the vegetation.

(d) State five importance of the drainage system.

(e) Highlight five importance of minerals.

(f) Why are natural resources important for the development of the economy.

(g) Give reasons why the resources have not been efficiently exploited.

(h) State three effects each of the following activities
i. Chain Saw Operators
ii. Sand winning
iii. Galamsay Operators

(i) State five reasons why human resources are not fully utilised.(factors that negatively affect human resources in Ghana)

9.(a) State four contributions of the manufacturing industry to the economy of Ghana.(Secondary Industry)

(b) State four problems facing the manufacturing industry.(Secondary industry)

(c) State four contributions of the extractive industry to the economy of Ghana.(Primary industry)

(d) State four problems facing the primary industry.

(e) Suggest ways to add value to the primary products in Ghana.
i. Cocoa
ii. Cotton
iv. Palm oil

(f) State five contributions of the Tertiary industry.

10.(a) State five problems of using a defaced note.

(b) Explain five ways one can plan for his or her future.

(c) State three advantages each of the following forms of savings
i. Bank savings account
ii. Susu
iii. Money ,

(d) List six avenues of saving.

(e) How can money be spent wisely?

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