Too Much Money! Criss Waddle Spends GHC46,442 On Louis Vuitton Bag And Shirt

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CEO of AMG Business, Criss Waddle has spent a whopping amount of GHC46,442 which is equivalent to $8,102 on a Louis Vuitton bag and shirt.

The rapper took to his social media to show off his receipt of an amount of $8,102 he spent on just a bag and shirt.

Criss Waddle also flaunted the Louis Vuitton bag which costs $2,400 and also an LV brand that costs a total of $5,702.80.

The rapper is known to be one of the few celebrities in Ghana to live expensive lives. With his expensive fleet of cars to his mansions, its no doubt that indeed the rapper lives like a King in his own castle.

Watch the video below:

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