Top 5 Money Transfer App To Send Money To Ghana

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Most Ghanaians living abroad encounter several challenges in the quest to send money to loved ones back home. Indeed, bank fees are generally very high and the procedure (whether it’s a bank or third-party transfer service) can be very tricky as some institutions will request formalities such as the presentation of identity documents or stringent documentations, while others simply impose daily fixed amounts on transactions.

However, with the rise of money transfer app, it has become very simple to transfer fund into Ghana within a twinkle of an eye. The advancement and immense progress in technology have now made it possible for people to send and receive money instantly via mobile, without any human contact.

How is this beneficial? To put a stop to waiting in long queues by transferring your cash instantly from anywhere, at any time and to anybody living in Ghana, in just a single click.

In addition, even though banks have now made online money transfers easier, not least through apps, international payments are still difficult to make without a third-party money transfer provider. Therefore, apps present themselves as the perfect ways to transfer money into Ghana or receive it from outside.

All you need now is a smartphone, a reliable network, and a good online money transfer app to Ghana. Here are the top 5 apps that you can use to send money to friends, family or colleagues to developing African country:

EziPay Ghana





EziPay Ghana

EziPay Africa, an ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified Payment Service Providers and partners with United Bank for Africa Group in 10 countries rapidly expanding for Pan Africa expansion.

A great way for your money to cross borders digitally into Africa is a solution that Ezipay Offers. EziPay Ghana comes first as it offers the cheapest, fastest and secured service to make international transactions (inward) to Ghana.

EziPay Ghana, which is the Ghanaian version of EziPay Africa, is a digital wallet that helps you to resolve your day-to-day transfer needs. Created by Artificial Intelligence Technologies Limited that has been present in Ghana for the past 2 years, EziPay Ghana is obviously a suitable solution that feat the Ghanaian context. Indeed, the app make it possible for anyone living abroad to send money directly on somebody’s mobile money wallet, bank account or a Visa card at the one of the lowest fees on the market. For its service, EziPay takes 4 to 5 % of the total amount to be send and less as the amount is going big. It is important to mention that most of the Ghanaian use mobile money accounts much more than banks accounts.

Very easy to use, the EziPay Ghana app will require only a visa or bank Card or a valid mobile money number to put money on the digital wallet.

Before making any payment on the Ghanaian app, you have first to register and do your KYC, which is a verification of the customer’s, ID. Therefore, whether you would like to send money to your friends or family living in Ghana or in another country, or whether you are about to receive some financial gift from a loved one living abroad, you can use EziPay knowing that all your information’s will be safe on the app, thanks to its ISO certification.

EziPay Ghana offers also others services such as:

paying TV bills,

sending money to a momo wallet or a bank account,

booking a flight or an hotel,

Paying data and airtime,

Sending airtime to anyone, anywhere in the world and even

Shoppping groceries on AfroBaskets app or website.

The app makes it also possible to become a merchant with the advantage to receive your payment anytime, anywhere in the world. The EziPay multi-currency service is available from over 100 countries to more than 140 receiving countries.

Transferwise, move your money with fast

Transferwise is an innovative money transfer service that is based in UK. Originally started by two Estonian Fintech innovators, the app offers a variety of products and services to individuals and businesses.

However, the advantages for Ghanaian of using Transferwise is to benefit from the lowest costs the company offers for sending money overseas. The others advantages are a:

Solid mid-market rates with three different transfer tiers,

Multi-currency account with over 50 currencies to convert,

Transferwise debit MasterCard with a service almost similar of the one from WorldRemit, Azimo, Venmo, PayPal or Moneygram.

Business pricing with extra features that are free and allow business to receive money in in EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, AUD and NZD currencies for free. This comes with a 0.33%-3.56% fee to convert currencies.

Transferwise is also fast and secure: 2-step login process and verification procedure are needed to use to service.

Worldremit, super-secure transfers to over 150 countries

Easy to use, fast and secure, Worldremit is one of the best money transfer app for sending money to Ghana. The app also comes in tune with the fact that speed is the name of the game when it comes to mobile money transfers. Indeed, Worlremit make possible for customers to send money from their mobile as quickly as a text message, thanks to its iOS and Android app.

With this money transfer app, you can send money to your Ghanaian contacts in over 150 different countries and the transfers will be received as a bank deposit, mobile credit or an airtime top-up. Once the transfer is completed on Worldremit, both sender and recipient receive an SMS or email notification, giving peace of mind that the money has arrived safely.

The service also offers money protection on the ‘highest possible standards’ thanks to ‘industry-leading’ tech and licenses with governments across the world.

Talking about charges, Worldremit propose to its customers a unique offer, which is to take fees according to the sum of money that will be sent and the destination it will go. That means there is no fixed rate on the app so it is better to check the tariff on sending before making any transactions. However, the first transaction is free.

Talkremitt, fast secure and low-cost money transfer app for Ghana

If you regularly send money abroad to family and friends in Ghana, then Talkremit is the app you need. Fast, secure and low-cost, this online money transfer service is a trusted remittance platform and online money app that is convenient, safe, reliable and hassle-free.

The service offers flexible payout options for its customers. Whether they would like to transfer money to Ghana to a bank account or a mobile wallet, they will be covered by the app. Indeed, the online money transfer app uses cutting-edge technology and secure payment protection tools. That led to a very protective and secure money.

It is important to know that the Talkremit app is an e-Wallet just as EziPay Ghana app. Therefore, the app is a great solution to use for sending money back home regularly.

The eWallet feature offers speed, convenience and an added level of security. The customers can for example store their card details in the app before transferring the money to Ghana in seconds. They can also top up their mobile wallet via credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

In addition, if the recipient prefers to receive mobile money, the app offers a simple way to send money to other mobile wallets in a fast way!

The user-friendly mobile app also combines remittance services with free instant chat and video messaging features. That advantage helps the consumers to track easily their transfers and invite contacts to TalkRemit directly from the app.

Xoom, a service by Paypal

Xoom is a Paypal service that works as a digital money remittance platform that helps customers in making transfers from the United States of America to more than 30 countries across the world including Ghana.

Exactly like the previous money transfer app, Xoom also allows its clients to send money on their loved one’s mobile money across the world. Knowing that most of the Ghanaian who are established abroad live in USA, UK or Canada, then Xoom seems to be the best way to send money from abroad to family and friends in Ghana. The app also makes it possible to send airtime top-up and make utility bills payment such as electricity and gas bills.

Talking about security, Xoom remain to be a very secure platform, which is protected with 128-bit data encryption, making the clients banking transactions more reliable.

The app also provides exchange rates calculator to help the client determine the total amount the recipient will get based on the destination currency. Xoom charges transactions according to some factors which are:

The amount being transferred

The type of transaction

The method of payment used

Destination country

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