UK-born Ghanaian artist, Stormzy donates GHC 2.8 Million to charity


Stormzy has pledged £500,000 equivalent to Ghc2,872,894 as a fund towards educational scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds as part of his commitment to supporting Black British causes.

Big Mikey has donated the money to the Black Heart Foundation as cash grants for around 50 students. The grants are in place to support people of any age who need financial assistance to take part in any educational activity, not just university.

Previous grants have been used to cover the cost of travelling to school, and as a cash float that will allow students to concentrate entirely on education, rather than using valuable learning time on a part-time job.

The donation has been made through Stormzy’s Merky Foundation, the same foundation that awarded previous education scholarships to Cambridge University, as well as the £10m pledge he made earlier this year in the fight against racial inequality in Britain.

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The majority of Black Heart Foundation’s scholarships are from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, although anyone from a deprived community is eligible to apply.

The London-based charity was founded by Ric Lewis, a property investment expert who holds joint UK-US citizenship.

He said that the Black Heart Foundation had been “invigorated” by the generosity of the Merky Foundation, adding that “their contribution is an amazing testament to their vision and commitment to higher and further education for ambitious, hard-working young people from the most under-resourced and under-represented communities in our society. With their support we will reach another 50 young people, taking the total number of scholars we can help to 250.”

Stormzy’s done it again.


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