University Graduate Allegedly Commits Suicide, Stating He has Suffered Enough and Regrets Been a Nigerian In a note he left behind

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Sometimes, Life can be extremely Challenging – It doesn’t go as planned But this isn’t a Sign of the end of our precious life.

Zig Ziglar Once Said, ” Remember that failure is an event, not a person.

How I wish People would understand simple life principal and learn how to handle depression – Life isn’t always rosy.

It Saddens my heart to see young and Vibrant youth take their life over Minor Life challenge. Even if is a major problem, Taken your life wouldn’t solve the issue – You’re Dead and what’s there again?

Do you actually know where you going?

Is life really smooth and rosy over there?

Information Reaching our front desk indicates that, a University of Ibadan Graduate has committed suicide.

Per the note he left behind, He has Really Suffered, therefore he feels the best way to abate the hardship is to commit suicide.

In a Tweeter Post By Port Harcout Media Revealed this sad incident.

The Nigerian News outlet took to their official Twitter Page and wrote:-

University of Ibadan Graduate allegedly commits suicide, leaving a note stating that “He Has Suffered Enough And Regrets Been A Nigerian.”

PS: Graphic Photos; Viewers Discretion Strictly Advised.

May His soul rest in peace

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