Vibrant Nigerian Man kills himself Over rape Accusations

Photogrid Plus 1595329637440A young Nigerian killed himself after he was accused of rape falsely.

Izu Mmadubueze, a young Nigerian killed himself after he was accused of rape falsely. He did so out of shame and frustration.

Friends and family disclosed that he was wrongly accused.

“Just received a very troubling phone call in respect of this young man (Izu Mmadubueze). Izu Mmadubueze is a relation of mine, who lived alone in Florida, USA. It’s been confirmed that Izu from Umueze Anam, Anambra state, apparently committed suicide owing to false accusations of rape by this lady and her friends,” wrote Nnamdi Anekwe-Chive who is a politician, security strategist and consultant.

Linda Ikeji cites friends of the deceased as saying he was pushed to suicide after he allegedly engaged in casual sex with a woman he had previously rejected.

“From her perspective, Mr Madubueze was aware she was romantically attracted to him and informed her he was okay with casual sex but nothing more.

“According to conversations shared by Madubueze’s friends, Madubueze admitted he wasn’t attracted to her after they had had sex, an admission she alleged he made only because he was under the influence. Madubueze admitted his actions might have been misconstrued and apologized.

“Another Twitter user, who was told about the circumstances around the sexual encounter between Madubueze and the first woman, contacted him via DM to inform him she was adding him to a list she had compiled of rapists and rape apologists, a phenomenon that has arisen to create awareness and protect women from entering into situations that could potentially lead to assault.

“Madubueze tried to get the woman in question to remove him from her list and when she refused, Madubeze released a public statement apologizing if his actions were misconstrued and days later, news of his death by suicide hit social media,” the online newspaper reports.

The hashtag #JusticeforIZU has been trending on Twitter since the news broke, with social media users calling for tough punishment for people who falsely accuse others of rape or sexual harassment.

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